Hi there!

It's really great that you're here.

I believe there are no coincidences.

Our paths have crossed for a reason.

My name is Brent Cicogna


It's Italian and it's mispronounced almost every single time. Don't worry about it. I won't. Here's a little bit about me. I am a husband, father, son and friend. A photographer, snowboarder, adventurer, microgreens farmer and deep thinker. a Los angeles native, turned inland empire dweller with a heavy dose of wanderlust.

I'm inspired by nature, and feel at my best when i'm in beautiful places with family and friends. I love espresso, home cooked meals, the smell of pine and the silence of winter, being a dad, the dodgers, and I believe that music is of the utmost importance to our wellbeing.

My Mission - To document your wedding with creativity and professionalism.

My goal is to provide a comfortable, fun, and stress free experience that goes beyond what you'd expect out of a wedding photographer. Think of me more like your new best friend who's a little bit artsy, a little bit obsessed with his cameras and a lotta' bit interested in you having your love story told with gusto!

as your wedding photographer, I'll be your third wheel and both of your shadows for all of the different chapters of the day. from getting ready to saying good night. through all the laughs and all the tears. both the planned and the unscripted moments.

I'll be tuned in to the emotions and locked in to my camera to make sure those split second moments of bliss don't just fade away into eternity. we're gonna stop time here!

While documenting your wedding i prioritize creating space for couples to slow down, breathe in the air and embrace the moment.

wedding photography is about much more than photos. its about providing a service and experience that couples thoroughly enjoy, find value in, and don't want to forget. I put my all into every wedding with the hope that my clients thrive during their wedding day and go home happy.